The department of Occupation Safety and Health Engineering is part of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences in the university. The department is studied the relationship between the physical, chemical and biological processes in various life fields in order to find solutions to these problems between them. This department prepare trips to the safety departments of the oil companies to implement through practical applications of the syllabus.


The Occupational Safety and Health Engineering Department aims to exceptional in education in order to graduate students to keep abreast of the scientific and practical development, as well as an accomplished academic graduate capable of performing the work perfectly. Also our department works through the graduation of qualified technical students able to local and international recognition of the prestige of the university and the country in this specialty.


Achieving academic excellence in the field of occupational safety and health engineering, in order to adapt to the mission of the Bright Star University in building an effective educational institution that will be a scientific beacon and a center for research and objective studies. The mission of the department is to clarify the role of occupational safety and health engineering in diagnosing the problems faced by the workers and determining its natural or artificial factors and choosing ways to treat them, respond to their risks and respond to them and meet the community's requirements in maintaining a safe environment for work in industrial places.


1) Achieving quality standards and accreditation in all programs and academic fields.
2) Provide all the requirements of the educational process through it s teaching.
3) Develop the research aspect in the field of occupational safety and health engineering.
4) Continuous development of human resources department.


The most important objectives of the department of Occupational Safety and Health Engineering highly linked with the goals of the University of Bright Star. The objectives of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences can be dividing to:
General Objective: To prepare scientific high skills researches in different fields of research for the engineering of occupational safety and health.
Contribute to solving the problems experienced by workers in industry.
To raise the level of studies and research and meet the requirements of the labour market.
Meet the needs of the labor market of occupational safety and health professionals.
To identify the occupational health obstacles faced by workers in the industry and other sectors.
Taking care of directing the students and utilizes all recourses to raise their level and choose the best ways to expand their activities and deepen their scientific and professional specialization and develop the spirit of innovation, creativity, innovation and initiative.
To work on linking studies and research with the country's interim needs and responding to them, and to develop appropriate applied scientific solutions for the problems it faces and to develop proposals and controls for them.
Focus on the introducing of modern methods in the education system which increases the ability of students to be creativities and innovation.
Finding solutions to problems through conducting research and applying occupational safety and health rules by eliminating risks.

Study Plan

Third Semester Courses-20 Units

Determinationofhazard (HS231)
Risk Identification and Analysis (HS232)
Industrial psychology (HS233)
Engineering Graphics (HS234)
Introduction to safety (HS235)
Introduction to Environment Science (HS236)
Risk assessment (HS237)

Forth Semester Courses-20 Units

Research Methodology& T.R.W (CH241)
Humanities (CH242)
Pollution (CH243)
Safety Management (CH244)
Fire protection (CH245)
Chemical Hazards 1(CH246)
Fire Chemistry (CH247)
Accident Prevention (CH248)

Fifth Semester Courses-20 Units

Waste Dispose (HS351)
Ergonomics (HS352)
Occupational Disease (HS353)
Material Handling (HS354)
Engineering protection procedure (HS355)
Chemical Hazards 2 (HS356)
Technical Terminology 1 (HS357)

Sixth Semester Courses-18 Units

Principle of Engineering Economy (GE361)
Chemical Storing (GE362)
Communication (GE363)
Legislation (GE364)
Risk Management (GE365)
Safety engineering technology (GE366)
Environmental Condition (GE367)

eventh Semester Courses-17 Units

Quality Management Total (GE471)
Manufacturing processes (GE472)
Environmental protection(GE473)
Exhaust ventilation (GE474)
First aid (GE475)
Technical Terminology 2 (GE476)

Eight Semester Courses-16 Units

Hygiene chemistry (HS481)
Accident investigation (HS482)
3 Machine – tool hazard (HS483)
Industrial polluted water Treatment (EC484)
Final project(HS485)