The Geophysics Department was established in 1981 as the first geophysics department in Libya since the establishment of the University. Geological Department is one of the departments of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences at Bright Star University. Geology is one of the branches of knowledge in science and is specialized in the study of earth sciences using geological properties. It has extended to include various branches of applications.


The Department of Geology is looking forward to graduating a number capable of keeping pace with scientific and global developments, as well as an academic graduate who is capable of a scientific and practical problem. The department aims to achieve a complete set of scientific objectives according to a defined educational policy. The aim is to meet the needs of the Libyan society of scientific competencies capable of developing society in many areas.


Achieve academic excellence in the field of geology in accordance with the mission of the University of Bright Star in building an effective educational institution that will be a scientific beacon and center of research and objective studies, so that it can contribute to the development of research inside the country, especially the sciences and discoveries of natural resources and topography. Aslo share in Development of the country.


The most important objectives of the Section of Geology, as an extension of the goals of the University of Bright Star General and the objectives of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, especially:
General Objective: To prepare scientific cadres in different fields of geological research The preparation of an educated generation equipped with science and adopted by a sound basis to make radical changes and put scientific knowledge and scientific method of thinking and analysis in the service of the goals of the country.
To improve the level of studies and research and diversify them and provide various requirements in line with the needs of the country.
Work to restore and strengthen the status of the University of Shining as a center of creative scientific radiation in the country and the region.
To work on linking studies and research to the country's needs and responding to them, and to develop appropriate applied scientific solutions for the problems it faces and to develop proposals and controls for them.
Focus on the introduce of modern methods in the education system that increase the ability of students to creativity and innovation.
To contribute actively to deepen and strengthen the university's relationship with the community through the implementation of consultancy work, training and development of cadres and the preparation of specialized courses.

Study Plan

Third Semester Courses-18 Units

English Language III (CH231)
Mathematics III (GS232)
Physical Geology (SGL233)
Crystallography & Mineralogy (SGL234)
Pleo-Botany (SGL235)
6 Zoology (SGL236)

Forth Semester Courses-17 Units

Research Methodology & T.R.W (GS241)
Introduction of Petroleum Geology Engineering (SGL242)
Optical Mineralogy (SGL243)
4 Historical geology (SGL244)
Fire Geomorphology (SGL245)

Fifth Semester Courses-18 Units

Structural Geology (SGL351)
Sedimentology2 (SGL352)
Petrography (SGL353)
Geochemistry (SGL354)
Engineering Geophysics (SGL355)
Paleontology Invertebrate (SGL356)

Sixth Semester Courses-18Units

Stratigraphy (SGL361)
Petroleum Geology (SGL362)
Hydrogeology (SGL363)
Photo geology & Remote sensing (SGL364)
Micro-Paleontology (SGL365)
Environmental Geology (SGL366)

Seventh Semester Courses-18 Units

Regional Geology Of Libya (SGL471)
Seismic Data Interpretation (SGL472)
Well Logging (SGL473)
Reservior Petrophysics (SGL474)
Geological Field Methods (SGL475)

Eight Semester Courses-17 Units

Source rock evaluation (SGL481)
Basin Analysis (SGL482)
Drilling Technology (SGL483)
Biostratigraphy (SGL485)
Final Petroleum Geology Project (SGL500)