Computer Engineering Department


The Department of Computer Engineering is one of the departments of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences at Bright Star University, where the department offers a specialization in programmed control such as designing control cards, studying software, digital systems, designing programs, writing codes and codes to take advantage of these modern techniques in manufacturing processes. The department also includes a number of computer labs that cover the practical aspect of the materials that have been completely fixed for the department or the rest of the other scientific departments in the university, where they are equipped with all advanced programs used in programming and simulation to benefit from the process of industrial processes.

Department’s Vision

The graduates of the Department of Computer Engineering are a distinguished example of its exact specialization and a pioneer in the field of new challenges in the field of programmed control and to be always present on time to keep pace with all developments that serve the advanced industrial process.

Department's Message

With the help of Allah we will always adhere to the best national and international standards and we have strengthened the practical side of the department to come out with scientific cadres capable of developing and scientific research and finding scientific solutions to the problems we face in the field of industry in order to build our beloved country Libya.


The objectives of the Computer Engineering Department are to obtain cadres who are scientifically and morally committed to deal with all the problems they face professionally and rationally. These objectives are:
Cultivate our noble values and good habits in our students and encourage them to love science, learning, innovation and invention to reach them to the highest levels of science and knowledge.
Giving an incentive to those who are distinguished scientifically and interested in them to be able to establish scientific research to advance the progress and development in the homeland.
The quality of the educational and administrative process in accordance with international accreditation standards.

Study Plan

Third Semester Courses-21Units

English III (GH321)
Mathematics III (GS232)
C language (EC233)
Electronic measuring instruments (EC234)
Fundamental of Electric Eng. (GE235)
Fundamentals of control system (EC236)

Forth Semester Courses-21Units

Research Methodology & T.R.W (CH241)
Statics Methods for computer (EC242)
Electronic circuits I (EE243)
Analogue control systems I (EC244)
Data structure (EC245)
Data Numerical analysis (GE246)
Data Digital system II (EC247)

Fifth Semester Courses-19 Units

1 Java language (EC351)
Operating systems (EC352)
Electronic circuits II (EE353)
Analogue control systems II (EC354)
Micro processors I(EC355)
Computer Networks (EC356)

Sixth Semester Courses-18Units

Sensors (EE361)
Distributed control systems (EC362)
Programmable logic control(PLC) (EC363)
Data Acquisition (EC364)
Micro processors II (EC365)
C++ language (EC366)

Seventh Semester Courses-17Units

Data base (EC471)
Networking security (EC472)
Industrial systems (EC473)
Elective I (EC474)
Project I (EC475)

Eight Semester Courses-15Units

Digital control (EC481)
Elective II (EC482)
Visual basic (EC483)
Artificial intelligence (EC484)
Project II(EC485)