Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Dean's word

I am pleased to be a member of the administration of this college, which was opened three years ago inside this university, We will continue to raise our interest in the level of our graduates and support them to complete their higher studies and to publish the scientific discoveries of the students and faculty members in them and to work in the spirit of one team to contribute to the advancement of the community with the best scientific and professional qualifications.
A. Hawa Ayad Senoussi
About the Faculty of Engineering Sciences

The Faculty of Engineering Sciences is one of the faculties of Bright Star University. It opened in 2015 and has three scientific departments: Computer Engineering Department, Occupational Safety and Health Engineering Department, and Petroleum Geology Engineering Department. Admission to this college is for students of high school, scientific department and those who receive a percentage of 75% and above. With regard to the scientific specialization, students are directed according to their wishes, taking into account the needs of the departments and their absorptive capacity. The college also accepts students who are transferred if they meet the requirements of the college regulations.

Faculty Vision

The Faculty of Engineering Sciences aspires to achieve the quality policy adopted by the University and to provide distinguished educational services by keeping pace with the scientific progress in all fields in order to acquire knowledge and to settle the scientific culture in order to reach the knowledge society. On the continuous development in order to qualify for academic accreditation from national, regional and global bodies of repute.

Faculty Message

The Faculty of Engineering Sciences seeks to achieve the quality policy adopted by the university and the overall quality in all the educational, research and administrative activities at the university and to make optimal use of all available resources and resources to improve the level of education according to local, regional and international developments in the field of quality. The needs of the community, and the requirements of the labor market, in accordance with the overall quality standards.

Faculty values

Quality - Motivation - Leadership - Teamwork.

Strategic Goals

1- Prepare and qualify distinguished graduates and specialists in all fields of modern research and applied science, and provide them with a high level of knowledge and skills to keep up with the progress of science and technology, as well as to obtain prestigious positions within the local, regional and global labor market.
2- Conduct scientific research and studies in line with the society's need for modern engineering sciences and provide advice and expertise to national, regional and international bodies.
3- The college seeks all its potential to build a research educational institution to obtain academic accreditation from national, regional and global bodies with a distinguished reputation.
4- To provide modern and diverse teaching methods that focus on scientific and applied solutions.
5- The College aims to apply knowledge and help the community to benefit from it at the national and economic levels.
6- Strengthening the relationship between the Faculty of Engineering Sciences as a research institution and scientific centers at home and abroad.
7- Encouraging innovative ideas and developmental research to serve the educational institution and society.